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Name of the Witch or Wizard to be attending Fiddleheart *
Name of the Witch or Wizard to be attending Fiddleheart
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If you are a returning student, do you still own your Fiddleheart wand? *
If you are a returning student, what house have you been sorted into? *
At Fiddleheart, we give our students the opportunity to be resorted into a new house. If you are a retuning student, do you want to be resorted this year? *
As a muggle parent you may not understand why this is important but, trust us, it is!
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Parent/Guardian Name #1
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Best phone
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Parent/Guardian Name #2
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Best phone
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I give permission for my child to participate in all Fiddleheart Academy activities. I understand that by allowing my child to participate in this camp, I (as legal guardian) will be responsible for damages done to property of the Prallsville Mills and private parties caused by my child, and for any injuries to my child or other parties, which may result from his/her participation in camp activities. I hereby release and hold harmless Fiddleheart Academy, Prallsville Mills, its employees or agents from liability for any such injury or loss. *
In the event that Fiddleheart offers a Wandmaking class this year, I give my child permission to use a utility knife for the purposes of whittling a stick. *
I give permission to Fiddleheart Academy to use photos and videos taken during term in Fiddleheart's brochures, advertisements and social media. I understand that my child will not receive any financial compensation for the use of such photos or videos. I understand that my child's name will never be used in association with these photos or videos. *
How did you find out about us?
This sounds like so much fun that I would love to volunteer to help with activities.
Why do the kids get all the fun? I'd love to attend an evening event for adult witches and wizards.

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