About Fiddleheart


Prallsville Mills • 33 Risler Street • Stockton, NJ • 08559

Prallsville Mills • 33 Risler Street • Stockton, NJ • 08559

Fiddleheart Academy is a school designed to provide each student with a rigorous & thrilling magical experience. For 2 weeks, our students will study with the most esteemed professors of magic, exploring such subjects as Charms & Wandwork, Potions, Magical Law, Magical Ecology, Magical Creatures, Dark Magic Defense, and so much more.

Fiddleheart is located on the beautiful grounds of the Prallsville Mills in Stockton, New Jersey.  Prallsville Mills is a historic landmark with access to the Delaware River, Fiddleheart Falls, open fields and an enchanted forest.  

Fiddleheart accepts all who have a love for the wizardry world and show an aptitude for magic.


Sorting in the scale house

Our sorting ceremony will take place on the first day according to the befuddling wisdom of the Scale House, located on the grounds. Fiddleheart has its own founders and lore, so students new to Fiddleheart will be unfamiliar with our houses. Once students have registered and filled out the "Which Way Do You Weigh?" questionnaire, we will provide access to information about the houses, including the names of the founders, their colors and mascots, and predominant attributes.  No one knows which house they will be sorted into before stepping into the Scale House so this is a much anticipated part of the first day.  


Question Market

The students will also have an opportunity to shop at the Question Market that springs up in a wooded areas close to the school. There, they will use wand stones to purchase the necessary school supplies, including a one-of-a-kind wand made by Fiddleheart Fine Wands.  

Magical Classes

We have the traditional magical arts classes including Potions, Magical Zoology, Transfiguration, Charms, and Dark Magic Defense. Additionally, all students will  play Quidditch, learn the fine art of Magical Dueling and create original verses for our beloved Fiddleheart School Song. 

Space is limited!

We will be opening enrollment soon and encourage you to register your young witch or wizard early to ensure that they will have a place in our 2019 summer term.