Frequently Asked questions


Does my child have to have read the Harry Potter stories or other fantasy books?

For the sake of their enjoyment, we highly recommend that your child is familiar with the Harry Potter stories as they are set primarily in a school for magic, similar to Fiddleheart . The more they know about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world, the more this camp will appeal to their imagination. "Is it ok if my child has only watched the movies?" you ask. Yes, however, as we wish to instill a love of reading in our students and many wonderful details are left out of the movies, we make a big deal about actually reading the stories. If your child is not able to read the stories, we HIGHLY recommend listening to the Harry Potter audio books read by Jim Dale (which you can check out from your local public library). In fact any book that has a fantasy element is on the recommended reading list as we draw our inspiration from all sorts of myths and stories, both ancient and contemporary.

What makes Fiddleheart Academy special?

Although we will be doing many of the conventional camp activities and games, they will all be re-conceived in alignment with the magical world we have created at Fiddleheart.  In addition to sports, arts and crafts, and theatre, our camp will teach invaluable life skills such as how to manage fears and anxiety and how to access an inner voice of wisdom. We will also be helping the students create a stronger understanding of and caring for our natural world.  Finally, all mages experience adventure at Fiddleheart which can stir up feelings of excitement, concern, bravery, curiosity, fear, anger, resolve, anxiety, joy, and triumph. At Fiddleheart, we engage with these feelings through an unfolding mystery that the school, as a whole, puzzles out and solves by the end of our two week term. These mysteries require our students to use their growing magical knowledge, curious minds and brave hearts to solve.  We are a school of magic after all.   

What is the difference between the Muggle brain and the Magic brain?

When Fiddleheart students first arrive, we ask them to turn up their magic brains and turn down their muggle brains. In turning up the magic brain, we are asking our students to fully engage with the imaginative play of the magical world we are inventing. A glass of water is not a glass of water if the Headmistress explains that it is Ice Salamander sweat and can freeze your inner organs if swallowed; unless used properly in a potion, of course! Sometimes, the students turn up their magic brains so much that the intensity of the mystery becomes a little overwhelming. If this happens, you as a parent or guardian can remind your young mage of their muggle (or non-magical) brains. The muggle part of their brains knows we are involved in imaginative play together and that they are always unconditionally safe at Fiddleheart. We are all here at Fiddleheart to have fun on this heroic and magical adventure.

Can my child be in the same group as a friend or sibling?

You may request that your child be in the same group as a friend or sibling, but we cannot guarantee they will be together. Although the students will be sorted into 4 different houses (groups), they will have a chance to be with everyone at various points throughout the week.  

On the first day, each student is sorted into a house (group). Each house will consist of no more than 13 students of mixed ages. Each house works together to earn the most house points by the end of term. For class, students will be divided by age and include members from all four houses. Some activities involve all students at Fiddleheart working and playing together.  

Can my child choose the house that he or she will be sorted into?

No, that job is up to the unquestionable and befuddling wisdom of The Scaling Room which is located on the school grounds. As Fiddleheart has different founders and lore from that of Hogwarts, our houses DO NOT include Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. At the Sorting Ceremony on the first day of term, the students will learn the names, attributes and some lore of Fiddleheart's illustrious founders.  We trust that the Scaling Room will choose the best house for your child and hope that you do too. We make it very clear to the students that each house is valued and that unity of the whole school is more important than loyalties to and differences between the houses. We stress cooperation over rivalry.

What is a typical day like?

A typical day starts with a morning meeting for announcements and questions. The students will then go to two consecutive classes, each 40-60 minutes.  Morning classes are followed by a long lunch. The second half of the day includes a 3rd class, outdoor games or river time and study hall during which the students have a chance to hang out in the library or practice their dueling skills.  Students will have a chance to relax in their common rooms daily and we end the day with an all-school closing meeting. But, of course, this is Fiddleheart and the magical world is full of unpredictability so we never know what surprises might pop up.

How much physical activity will there be?

We will be outside daily, weather permitting.  We will be playing active games.  We will also be going on various outdoor excursions and swimming at Fiddleheart Falls.  If we notice that the students are restless, impromptu wand dueling practice may be encouraged.  Keep in mind, this camp includes a variety of activities including arts and crafts, theater games, science experiments and group discussion and presentations.  Some are more physical than others but all will be engaging.  

Does my child need to participate in all activities?

Yes, and why wouldn't he or she want to participate in the magical fun?  If there is a medical reason why your child would be unable to participate in a specific class or activity, please let us know and exceptions will be made.  Also, we are sensitive to needing a little downtime for our students.  We have a Library equipped with books and comfy chairs which will be available to students whenever a bit of quiet R&R is needed.

What about lunch?

Your child will need to bring lunch to Fiddleheart each day.  We do not have refrigeration, so pack lunches accordingly. All students should bring a labeled water bottle each day which they will be able to refill at fountains found on the grounds. Summer term is hot and we have limited access to air conditioning so drinking plenty of water is important. We will have a variety of emergency snacks available for times when the students are faint with hunger and didn't bring enough to eat. Fortunately, wizards rarely go hungry.  

Is there extended care available?

Yes, for the two-week summer term we are providing aftercare from 3:00-5:00pm.  The fee for aftercare is $50 per week ($10 per day) and we request that you register and pay in advance. You will be asked to pay with cash or credit card at the time of pickup if you do not pay in advance. If you need emergency aftercare, please call and we will be happy to help out.  

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

In the event that you cancel your registration before July 1st, 2019 for Session One and July 22nd for Session Two, you will be refunded your payment less $75.00. There will be no refund after these deadlines unless we can fill your spot prior to the start of term.

Fiddleheart Academy reserves the right to cancel either 2-Week Summer Term due to insufficient enrollment.  We require at least 36 students for us to hold classes.  In the event that we must cancel, Fiddleheart Academy will fully refund your tuition payment.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Fiddleheart Academy offers some financial assistance for those who need it. Please contact the Headmistress, Kirstin Hobbliknob, directly to discuss. or 917-687-1859

What is your tax ID number?


Terms of Service:

Children ages 9-13 can participate in Fiddleheart’s 2-week summer programs.

The language spoken at camp is English, so a basic knowledge is a pre-requisite. By accepting this Terms and Conditions you confirm ability of your child to have sufficient language skills for participation in Fiddleheart.

The directors reserve the right, at their discretion, to withdraw any camper whose influence or actions are deemed unsatisfactory, dangerous or incompatible to the Fiddleheart community. If this occurs, no reduction or return of fee, or any part thereof will be made.

Children maintaining the highest standard of conduct is required at all times. Using profanity, disparaging dialogues, physical violence or threats during participation in Fiddleheart is strictly prohibited. Camp rules and instructions of Fiddleheart staff must be followed at all times.

By accepting this Terms and Conditions, parent confirms that his/her child has permission to participate in all camp programs, camp trips, special outings planned and supervised by Fiddleheart.

By accepting this Terms and Conditions, parent confirms his/her acceptance that his/her child may be pictured/photographed and that such material can be used by Fiddleheart for promotion or marketing of Fiddleheart.

The copyright of all photography appearing on our brochures or websites belongs to Fiddleheart. No reproduction may be made without prior permission from the Fiddleheart management.

In the even that parent cannot be reached in an emergency when child is under Fiddleheart supervision, by accepting this Terms and Condition, the parent gives permission to the physician selected by the camp to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and/or order injections, anesthesia, or surgery for the child as needed.

By Accepting this Terms and Conditions parent agrees to have his/her child examined by a licensed health care provider if needed. Any medical or dietary needs must be made known to Fiddleheart management prior to child's arrival.

All prescription medicine provided by a licensed Doctor must be turned into the camp staff upon arrival with instructions in English. This will be dispensed by camp staff only.

All your child's personal belongings are their own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to Fiddleheart negligence. Expensive and treasured items should not be brought to the camp.

All children at Fiddleheart are prohibited from bringing or using all tobacco products, alcohol and drugs of any kind.

No electronic equipment, including but not limited to: mobile phones (unless needed for medical reasons), computers, TVs and video games are allowed at camp.

Parents agree to support Fiddleheart by encouraging children to abide by the highest standards of positive conduct. They will discuss constructive concerns, if any, regarding Fiddleheart, staff behavior or company policies with Camp California management.

Parents agree to pay for property damage caused directly, or indirectly, as a result of negligent action of their child.