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Our main staff are all professional actors and educators hailing from both Philadelphia and New York City with years of experience.  They are bringing all of their expertise and creative enthusiasm to making this the most spectacular wizardry camp around.  

Fiddleheart Academy also conducts background checks on all adult staff members.


Kirstin Hara

aka Professor Hobbliknob, Headmistress of Fiddleheart Academy. As a former professional dancer and dance educator and current life coach and counselor, Kirstin has led multiple camps and taught countless classes and workshops for both children and adults in subjects ranging from dance improvisation to whole foods nutrition to personal empowerment and mindfulness. She was inspired to create this camp because of her daughters' enthusiasm for the Harry Potter stories and the realization that so many valuable life skills could be taught while having a blast in a world filled with magic. She has also discovered a love of wand making and is the official wandmaker at Fiddleheart. 

Doug Hara

aka Professor Pennyworth is an actor, writer, and director who has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theatre all across the country for the past 24 years.  He is also a longtime ensemble member of Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company which has been creating new work and literary adaptations for decades.  Years ago, Doug fell in love with the idea of a world filled with witches and wizards, first with the Tolkein stories.  Now his daughters have inspired a deeper dive into creating magical world of our own that has yielded new potion-making skills, lots of great craft projects, and the birth of Fiddleheart Academy!

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Rachel Camp

aka Professor Bazzleby is an actor, singer, musician, and avid teaching artist currently living in South Philadelphia.  She has been a J.K. Rowling enthusiast since Harry Potter entered her life back in 1997 and - with the help of a B.F.A. in Theater from Montclair State University - has tried to invoke a spirit of magic in her storytelling ever since.  Rachel teaches toddler-to-college-age classes in acting, voice, dance, and devised theater work in and around the city.  Long ago, summer camp instilled in her a strong belief in community, creativity and zeal, which she heartily shares every chance she gets.

Leigha Kato

aka Suzu, The Mill Nixie is an actor & singer based in the concrete jungle that is New York. She has forever loved everything sparkly and magical. She brings her immense curiosity of creativity, a lifetime of spells and skills and higher education from the University of the Arts. Before she fell in love with the magic of theatre she was enchanted and inspired by J.K Rowling's wizardly world of Harry Potter. She is enthusiastically awaiting her magical summer at Fiddleheart where she can finally frolic with her fellow magi, play with dragons and dance with the fairies!  

Elena Camp

aka Deputy Kaconure (Keeper of the Keys), discovered her magical powers as a wee witch. She has practiced her sorcery performing in a variety of venues in and around Philadelphia as a professional actor and singer. She shares her love of theatre and music working as a teaching artist and program director for several Philadelphia-area theaters and arts programs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Rider University, where she first dreamed of becoming part of leading the next generation of magic makers. She raises her wand high for this year's Fiddleheart witches and wizards!


Jameson Foreman

aka Professor Volpe is honored to be teaching the next generation of witches and wizards at such a prestigious magical institution. He is a Barrymore Award winning actor/singer, composer, and musical director, having earned a BFA in Musical Theatre from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and an MFA in Classical Acting from The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy of Classical Acting at George Washington University. If he is not acting in a show or practicing his Animagus transfiguration (he can transform into a red fox), he is a professor of Musical Theatre Performance at his alma mater UArts, and has also taught courses at Drexel University, and West Chester University. He lives, acts, and teaches by Albus Dumbledore’s most precious maxim: “You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”.


Jackie Soro

aka Professor Hornsmith is a multimedia artist and performer based in sunny Philadelphia. Jackie kissed the Muggle world goodbye when the Harry Potter books fell into her lap as she was learning to read. She has never looked back. She holds many things in her magical arsenal, including degrees in History and Feminist & Gender studies from Wesleyan University, a deep love for working with children of all ages, and allergies to cats and the Dark Arts. She can be found onstage (most recently with the Bearded Ladies Cabaret and in the Arden Theater's Barrymore Award-winning production of Fun Home) and offstage working as a music coach for Girls Rock Philly. Jackie is a Sagittarius with a Cancer moon who enjoys dancing, baking, and perusing her tarot deck. She is thrilled to explore many new and mysterious forms of magic alongside the students of Fiddleheart Academy. 


Halie Mangiaruga

aka Professor Rosewood was born to a family of muggle parents and raised in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. It wasn't until she was 5 years old that learned of the world of witches and wizards. and discovered her inner magical powers. Halie earned a degree in Elementary Education and went on to find a true passion as a Crossfit competitor as well as trainer of CrossFit for adults and children.  She looks forward to sharing her love of exercise with the young witches and wizards at Fiddleheart as one of Fiddleheart's world class coaches of our favorite magical sports.


Adam Sirusas

aka Professor Erelis hails from Flemington, New Jersey: the only place that competes with Little Whinging as the most muggle town on Earth. When he isn’t casting spells and researching magical runes, he spends his days at Rutgers University where he is a student of Biomathematics and Medieval Studies, as well as a research assistant in ecological genetics. He seeks to enlighten young witches and wizards everywhere with the enchanting properties of math, the power of holistic knowledge, and the potential of the human spirit. In addition to being an aspiring educator, he enjoys playing music and hiking.

Former beloved Fiddleheart professors who helped shape our school

Bi Jean Ngo

aka Professor Drakossa is a Philadelphia-based theatre artist and educator with a Bachelor of Science in Film from Boston University and an MFA in Acting from The Actors' Studio Drama School. She's flown through Neverland, lived in a GIANT shoe, and island-hopped by rowing traveling trunks. She also serves as a teaching artist and educational consultant for many theatre companies. She was most recently awarded the Theatre Communications Group's Fox Fellowship Award for Artist with Extraordinary Potential. She finds magic all around her, in the imagination of her students, in the alchemy of the kitchen, and in the language of her plants!

Rajeer Alford

aka Professor Mars is a native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey where his love of the Harry Potter legacy began. He recently packed his Flying Volkswagen Jetta and moved to New York City to further his career as an actor, singer, musician and teaching artist. In addition to being a former football player, he has studied music education, vocal performance, and musical theater at Rowan University and Rider University, and now works as the musical director at Consortium for the Arts. Rajeer wholeheartedly believes in the themes explored by J.K. Rowling - loyalty, friendship, bravery, love, self-confidence, equality and family, and he loves encouraging students of all ages to see the power in these themes as well. He can't wait to meet the new students of Fiddleheart Academy! 

Brian Ratcliffe Headshot2.jpg

Brian Ratcliffe

(aka Professor Moab) was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he developed a love for the living world by playing outside with friends, real and imaginary. A lifelong believer in the power of stories to change lives, Brian acted professionally for many years in Philadelphia. He couldn't stay away from the outdoors, however, and recently moved to central New York to pursue a Masters degree in Ecology. As professor of Magical Ecology, he can't wait to bring his love of nature and his love of stories together in the halls and fields of Fiddleheart.