Kind words

Where Magic is Real

My son will be attending Fiddleheart for the 3rd year this summer and he cannot wait! The stories, the characters, the magic and the memories all make for a perfect blend of drama, camaraderie and magical education. We are still singing the Fiddleheart theme from last year, because once you are a part of the magic, it’s always a part of you. I highly recommend this camp for all children, even the muggles!

-Parent of 3rd year returning student, 2018

Exceeded All Expectations

"Congratulations on a FANTASTIC camp!! I have four kids telling me every day how amazingly magical this experience is for them. They are transported into another world in their imaginations. What more could a Muggle parent ask for!?

At pickup each day, my first question to all of them is, 'On a scale of one to ten, how was camp?' I get four tens without hesitation! Then I ask them if camp met or exceeded their expectations.  Exceeded all expectations. Kids tend to be pretty honest about what they don't like and even when I ask if there is anything... nope, nothing they would change.  It is pure magic. They are loving it. 

I can't tell you how happy I am that I was able to put the carpool together to drive the long distance for my daughter and her friends. Next year, I will have a busload!"

~Parent, 2016

Feels at Home

Thanks so much for providing this awesome experience for the witches and wizards who love the magical world. You and your staff do such a great job engaging the kids. It’s wonderful to see our child so excited to go off to camp each day.

-Caregiver of a 3rd year returning student, 2018

Inner Safe Place

I was most struck by my daughter's description of how she found her inner power animal.  This was an absolutely spiritual event for her and she 'finds' it every night now.  What a gift to have given her... and all the kids. She said, 'This is a place I go, a safe place I go and only I can go.' Wow, just wow.  No price on that. 

~Parent, 2016

A Magical Place for a Fertile Imagination

"When I picked up my son on the very first day, he was excited to show me his cubby, cauldron, quill, wand, and notebook. Holding up the quill he said 'it’s real' with shining eyes. Then he noticed a girl nearby and got all tense and said, 'I mean, it’s just a pen with a feather glued on.' And she said, 'No, actually it is magic.' And he relaxed. This has been the best thing - knowing that he has the opportunity to be in a group of people who will 'go there' with him. I am so grateful to you and Fiddleheart! Thank you for providing this magical space for my son's very fertile imagination."

~Parent, 2016

Unlike Any Other Camp

Fiddleheart is truly magical! It is unlike any other camp available. The creativeness, community, details, and staff will blow you away. Highly, highly recommended!

-Parent of 3rd year returning student, 2018

Incredible Experience

"I want to say thank you going to such great lengths in order to make Fiddleheart the incredible experience that it was. Not only did you have to live up to tremendous expectations from my daughter, but based on our daily conversations on the long ride home, I'd say you met and exceeded them in most every way.  Each member of the staff was patient, helpful and super kind. Thank you for exposing my daughter to such a wonderful experience!"

~Parent, 2016

The Value of Respecting One Another

My daughter loved every minute of Fiddleheart.  What struck me as her parent is when told me that she likes this camp because you have made it an important thing to treat one another respectfully. Not only is that important to her, but is so comforting for me as well.

~Parent, 2016

Submersed in All Things Magic

"My daughter enjoyed every day at Fiddleheart. She loved everything and said it was better than she expected.  She usually tells me things she doesn't like about a camp but didn't say anything negative about Fiddleheart Academy.  Each day she was eager to go to camp and was very sad on the last day. She enjoyed showing me around during parent visitation and telling me all about the different classes. I was very impressed with all the professors and how they really submersed the kids in all things magic. Also, her wand was beautifully made."

~Parent, 2016

Fun-Filled, Anxiety-Free

Thank you for a great camp. I appreciate all that you have done to create this wonderful experience!  My son has had a lot of anxiety in the past when attending camps, so much so that he didn't attend any camp last summer.  He really enjoyed Fiddleheart and I am thrilled for him!

~Parent, 2016

Special thanks!

Fiddleheart Academy wouldn't be possible without the incredible assistance and generosity of many people.

We would like to set off an entire crate of fireworks to thank these special magical folk for helping to make Fiddleheart Academy such a magical experience.

  • Ashley Dumas, Wand Maker in the Lineage of Sacred Places. Her work is brilliant! Headmistress Hobbliknob considers her to be a wand maker beyond compare.

  • Lisette Weilland, Seamstress of Wandholsters, Ring Leader of the Question Marker and bringer of joy everywhere she goes.

  • Elycia Lerman, Wand Merchant, Technology Expert & sprite who is game for anything while sparkling with energy.

  • Magical photographer extraordinaire, Jen Mohr, who captured most of the 2016 wizarding moments found on this website with her camera.

  • Susan Dezenhall, aka Madame Susanna, who bewitches our students with her fortune telling abilities at the Question Market.

  • Dean Nelson of Dean's Natural Food Market for the generous procurement and donation of cases of Butterscotch Beer because no wizarding experience is complete without it. Check out.

  • Gia Rosenblum and Frank Bouchonville, possessors of magically large hearts and generous donators of storage space for all of our Fiddleheart wares.

  • Kevin Cubberly, Nora Cubberly and Christina Spring for the general enthusiasm and elbow grease.

  • Shakti Zhurah for her fabulous aftercare duties.

  • Prallsville Mills for their beautiful and magical venue and having the most pleasant and helpful staff!