Fiddleheart Houses


  • Founded by Federico Delmara, a wizard who originally hailed from Spain.

  • The element is water.

  • The animal is a stingray.

  • House colors are blue and silver.

  • Attributes: Peaceful, graceful and highly sensitive to the surrounding environment, those in the Delmara House are deep thinkers and deep feelers. They tend to be adaptable and have a "go with the flow" attitude. They can be careful but are also very confident and their devoted nature helps them stay true to their chosen course of action and those who earn their trust. Although capable of great acts of generosity and creativity, they are modest and prefer to stay out of the spotlight.



  • Founded by Beatrice Honeycutt, a witch who originally hailed from England.

  • The element is air.

  • The animal is a bee.

  • House colors are purple and gold.

  • Attributes: Those in the Honeycutt House tend to have big hearts who are deeply invested in their community and highly cooperative. They take pride in their intellectual prowess and are quick, sometimes impulsive, thinkers. Members of Honeycutt have a wonderful way with words and can be quite talkative. They tend to have an optimistic view of the world and like to spread their joy to those around them. They are also hard-working and industrious, thus able to achieve the seemingly impossible.




  • Founded by Mequin Tomockum, a witch who was an indigenous person of the Americas and from the Mohegan tribe.

  • The element is earth.

  • The animal is a wolf.

  • House colors are green and copper.

  • Attributes: Known for their wisdom and keen intuition, those of the Tomockum House are able to trust their instincts when making decisions. Members of Tomockum are highly ambitions and pursue their goals methodically and with great perseverance. (Wolves work best in community with others/ team players because). They can a pull for independence but recognize that they are strongest when they work within a community of people they care about deeply. They have strong instincts to protect others from harm and others often feel safe and grounded in their presence.



  • Founded by Davu Zakari, a wizard who was native to Africa.

  • The element is fire.

  • The animal is a chameleon.

  • House colors are red and black.

  • Attributes: Those of the Zakari House are natural leaders whose intensity, enthusiasm and courage inspire others and allow them to act decisively. Members of Zakari, however, will never be rushed into action. They are known for their patience and prefer to be still and observe before taking action. Zakari House members are also highly adaptable. When the going gets tough and others may freeze, they are able to use their creativity, curiosity and agility to change a challenging situation into an opportunity for learning, growing and becoming stronger.