Fiddleheart Fine Wands for Sale!


Our one-of-a-kind wands will soon be available for purchase on our Etsy shop. Look for Fiddleheart Fine Wands. These wands are a perfect gift for the witch or wizard in your life. 

Do you want to know about our official wand shoppe opening?  Sign up below. 

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 Dates for Summer Term coming soon!

"My son had such a wonderful time! Every day he came home and said how much he loved camp. Thank you for providing such an amazing experience for him. This camp is so important. I'm grateful that you are helping keep magic alive in the hearts of children!" ~Parent, 2016

Fiddleheart Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry is located on the magical grounds of Prallsville Mills in Stockton, New Jersey, adjacent to the Delaware River (perfect for viewing water nixies and merfolk).  With a talented core staff of professors, assistant professors and guest teachers, we guarantee that your young witches and wizards will leave Fiddleheart Academy with their imaginations on fire. 

Fiddleheart Academy at Prallsville Mills

Fiddleheart Academy at Prallsville Mills