2019 Fiddleheart Ideal Scene


What is your vision for Fiddleheart?

We've got three years under our wand holsters.  And Merlin knows we've learned a lot!


When Professor Pennyworth and I first decided to do this crazy idea, we had a simple definition of success: 1) Students have fun; 2) We (including you) have fun; and 3) There are enough galleons to go around. 

In my assessment, numbers 1 & 3 get a thumbs up!  Where we want to focus our attention right now is to ensure that we, as Fiddleheart professors, continue to have fun given the incredible amount of magic that is required of us to make it happen. We all want the Fiddleheart experience as a whole to be better for us collectively.  We also want to make it better for each of us individually.  

This questionnaire is designed to help me gather the information I want from each of you to continue to grow the Fiddleheart experience in an ever more positive direction.

All ideas are welcome!

All ideas are welcome!

We all process our thoughts differently.  Written processing and verbal discussion both work well for me as ways to organize my ideas and get to the heart of what is important.  If you prefer writing, these questions are here for you to get going.  If you prefer to process verbally, use this questionnaire as a springboard for your contemplation and schedule a phone call with me to discuss. If you want to do both, all the better! 

Here is to making magic together...

Your grateful headmistress, Kirstin Hobbliknob

P.S. What you fill out in the form is not public. Only I will see what you write here. It is my intention to take all of this feedback and synthesize it into something that is actionable for this coming term.  

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Would you like to return as a professor for 2019 Fiddleheart summer term?
We currently have two sessions reserved on the calendar for Fiddleheart. The dates are as follows: Session 1 July 22nd -August 2nd AND Session 2 August 12th-23rd. This includes a one week break between sessions, for rest and preparation for session #2. Please indicate interest and availability. (NOTE: we may decide to only do one session depending on a number of factors but I want to know your interests/availability for now.)
I would love to have a follow-up phone call with you to discuss in greater detail some of what you have written here. This is not required. Do you want to schedule a phone call?