5 Day Teen Intensive

August 15-19, 2017

Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm, Saturday noon-9:00 pm


ages 13-15


$487.00 for 5 days


"Super, Super awesome & amazing!!! I loved making new friends, Quidditch, and all the classes. I really liked the professors and the mystery that we solved was such fun!"~Willa

Our focus for the Teen Intensive this summer is Defense Against the Dark Arts.  In this 5-day intensive, our teen wizards will explore in-depth the relationship between classical magic studies such as Potions and Care of Magical Creatures and defense magic. We will explore all aspects of defending against dark forces; those that come from the world around us and within ourselves. This intensive will culminate in an exciting practical final exam and a celebratory evening even with music and dinner. Students will also have a chance to play the well-loved wizarding sport, Quidditch, and swim in the watering hole next to Fiddleheart Falls. Extending friendship to each other, to ourselves and to all life is a core value at Fiddleheart and every student comes away from Fiddleheart with wonderful connections and a sense of kinship that extend beyond these enchanting 5 days.

Galloping Gargoyles!

 Registration for the Teen Intensive is closed.


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