Daily Magical Offerings



In potions class, students will be doing various alchemical experiments with fun and and surprising results.  Brewing up magical and edible elixirs made out of spices, herbs and Electric Eel eggs is much anticipated.

Magical Creatures

The students will have a unique look at the magical creatures that are an integral part of the wizardry world. In our previous summer term, the students hibernated a Duc Lua dragon egg and collected mermaid tears.


Dark Magic Defense:

In Dark Magic Defense, students will learn how to effectively handle boggarts, and discover their patronus and how to call on its power whenever help and protection are needed.  We may also experiment with making a Giant Bubble Patronus.

Stack of witches books.jpg



Charms is a foundational course for all young wizards and witches.  We will learn all manner of charms as well as a few jinxes and counter jinxes.


In transfiguration, students will learn about the art of metamorphosing that occurs in the natural world and the magical world. Using everyday objects, we learn how to transform them into something unexpected & enchanting.



The students will learn about the wonderful edible plants that they can find in their own neighborhoods with our foraging expert.  We will also learn to use the herbs in our potions class.

Wand Making:

In wand making, students will choose the perfect wood for making a wand. We will practice skills in whittling, sanding and shaping a wand as well as adding magical details in with clay, stone and glass. Each wand is a unique work of art.



Quidditch is the beloved sport of the magical world.  Each student will learn how to play this vigorous and exciting game, and all houses will play against one another in a tournament to see who will win the summer games.

Sorcery Splash:

At Fiddleheart we have access to the mill's creek and Fiddleheart Falls in which we will cool off, search for gillyweed, spy on river nixies and fend off aquabogs.


Magical Games:

We of the magical world love to play games of all types, from chess to Cauldron Quest. One of our most loved activities is the Art of Wand Dueling where students learn proper dueling etiquette and technique and can earn house points by winning.



Common Room:

Each house has a common room where we play games to get to know one another, do crafts or writing, and take a little break from all the hubbub. During Common Room time, students will have access to our small library if they have an urgent need to look up important facts about dragons or hippogriffs.  





Note: These offerings are subject to change based on what we read in the tea leaves or the position of the planets.