2 Week Summer Term

July 30-August 10, 2018


 9am-3pm, Weekdays

 (aftercare available until 5:00pm)


Ages 9-12


$797.00 for 2 weeks


"It was just like Hogwarts! I had the best time ever!" ~Nate

These two weeks of spellbinding education will have your young witches and wizards taking 3 different magical classes a day, ranging from Potions to Care of Magical Creatures to Charms.  They will meet kindred spirits who love magic just as much as they do.  They will sing our school song, play Quidditch, laugh and swim in a waterhole near Fiddleheart Falls. Most importantly, they will come away with their imaginations on fire and their hearts emboldened with the Fiddleheart values of kindness and caring.

2018 Fiddleheart Summer Term is Full!

As a well-regarded school of magic with a limited number of cauldrons in the potions classroom which tend to fill very quickly. Discovering that registration is full may leave you feeling as droopy as a wet owl after a thunder storm delivery. The good news is that we do have a waiting list and want you to join.

If you are on the waiting list, not only might you be able to attend 2018, but you will receive priority registration for 2019. Also, we are considering adding a second summer session for 2019 based on the number of people on our waiting list this year so you will help us make that decision by getting on the waiting list now.